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Flower Designs with the Environment in Mind


The name Rainforest was chosen for its reminiscent of the rain forest where life cycles and recycles. What a marvelous plan to create such a business that can mimic that same principle. Thus the name Rainforest was chosen.  We have since embodied our philosophy with ethical growing of plants that do not use excessive chemicals (which also harm our wildlife) or employed by child laborers (you’d be surprised what you may buy from your grocery store comes from regions of highest child labor infractions) or enslaves indigenous peoples or reducing their agricultural lands to fill quotas required by mega wholesalers, distributors, brokerage houses.

We borrow ideas of many indigenous lands where people have worked with their ecology, living as partners for life. We also strive for this partnership in the way we do our business.

One of our main goals is to enrich the heritage culture of our ancestors in today’s hectic lifestyle.  Whether you’re Asian, European, Polynesian, African, et al,  a collective philosophy of giving back to nature, “take the best of life and always pass that along,” idea is what we try to evoke in everything we do.

Flowers is such an enriching and endearing aspect of our culture. It should be done with finesse and license to awaken our spirits, our minds and our hearts. If these goals are not achieved, then the art of flower design has nothing to offer. We always look ahead, never going back. The art of flower design goes back many centuries. Simply it is a way to express oneself using flowers as the media. The idea is simple, but what it achieves cannot be replaced with any other stimulus that can have such a profound effect on us.  Like a rain forest, we are also evolving toward

Our website itself is an evolving process. We color enhance every page to match with the zodiac signs and feel for that period. Flower selections in our arrangements evolve around our strong involvement with horoscope and astrological influences. We are also governed by the sun, moon and its relationship with Earth. We follow numerological and base our philosophies on Feng Shui and other ancient practices. We would like to keep this rhythm in motion in everything we do. Much thought goes into the making of an arrangement at Rainforest.

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What is Rainforest?


Started early 1980’s


To create a business that combines floral aesthetics and awareness for our environment.


Sell flowers and plants that actually enhances the planet rather than destroy it.

Professional services:

Bachelors for Tropical Horticulture, Environmental Horticulture, Ethnobotany and Design.

Future Goals:

Strive to educate general public on environmental issues of Global Warming and Environmental Stabilization.

What Rainforest is not

We are not FTD,TeleFlora or other massed florist affiliated.

We do not use cellophane, plastics (only recycled plastics), plastic ribbons and waste from flower designs.

We do not utilize peat moss grown products (baby’s breath, carnations, pom poms, liatris, aster fillers, alstroemerias, etc.) in our pieces.

Our potted plants do not contain peat moss.

We do not dye or artificially color our flowers.