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Rainforest at Kilohana Square

1016 Kapahulu Avenue

Monday - Saturday 7AM - 5PM

Sundays order in advance

See special holiday hours

(phone: 808.738.0999)


Delivery orders begin from

$ 100 & up

Minimum delivery from $100 and up     

PLUS delivery


              $ 25 and up

We do offer a VIP delivery service for rush orders, usually a higher priced arrangement plus a higher delivery fee will be required. Late rush orders will not be accepted.  Email for fastest response.

Please see standard delivery rates below. Late fees for late call-ins apply.


Look for this familiar corner as you drive down Kapahulu Avenue

Turn down this road where Kilohana Square is opposite a vacant lot

This is the street you turn into, note “Dead End” sign at right 

Look for this directory board on your left. Note street sign and driveway on left.

Note the directory as you enter driveway.

Just a little ways from the above photo, is our little shop of beautiful flowers and the most distinguished arrangements.
Note the green and yellow Rainforest sign. When was the last time you were able to park just in front of the store you are shopping in?

Pre-order your flowers for Pick Up

WE cannot make any arrangements on demand for the week of Valentine’s Day please come in EARLY for best selection. We intend to make pieces in moderate to medium high range. If you want to pre-order something, our minimum pick up order starts at $150 or more.

Pre-packed arrangements in boxes are complimentary with purchase. Please recycle boxes as they are pieces of “art” and can be used over and over again!  Or return them and allow the next customer to safely bring their flower arrangements home with safety.

You may order for pick up for advanced orders starting from $150 and up.  Not sure?  We try to maintain pieces for immediate sales at all times.

RAINFOREST          808-738-0999



phone:  808-738-0999


PH: 808-738-0999

Standard delivery rates
Holiday delivery rates will supersede this rate listing
Please note that these rates are for deliveries for standard operation and does not include period of rush hour traffic or after store hours deliveries.
Add $10-25 additional during Holiday periods
Greater Honolulu area from $25 up
Downtown/Biz Dist $25-30
Waikiki $25 up
Mountain/Valley deliveries from $30 up
Gated Communities from $35 up
Kailua - Kaneohe $50 up
Aina Haina/Niu Valley-$25 up
Hawai’i Kai $35-40 up
Waimanalo $50 up
Kalihi- Pali $25 up
Moanalua - Salt Lake $25-35 up
Air Port $25-35 up
Aiea $40-50 up
Pearl City $40-50 up
Waipahu $50 up
Mililani $50-60 up
Ewa Beach $50-60 up
Kapolei $60 up
Waianae $ 65 up
North Shore $85 up-as available

Timed deliveries start at $40 and up
Funerals, Restaurant appointments,etc.
Please note prices subject to change without notice and will be plus Holiday rates during these periods.

We advise that orders are placed prior to Sunday for best accommodation and acceptance. Please note that our standard hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Mondays through Saturdays. If you have an order for Sunday, the store is operational on minimal staff, (this may be just one person) and being available even by phone may be difficult. 
Email will always be your best definitive mode of communication on Sundays and Holidays.
We strongly advise that you place the order earlier in the week and straighten out details prior to Sunday. Also note that deliveries for Sunday will be higher from $50 ( up to $60-75 or more) depending on difficulty of delivery and time. Pricing will follow a Holiday Delivery Rate if called in late.

Holiday delivery rates will incur a higher base minimum in addition to a delivery charge. The base rate is $25 plus other charges for distance, mileage, time of day, etc. 

Please note that delivery is an additional service not inclusive in the price of an arrangement. 

Please inquire. For fastest replies, please call, but just asking about specific costs or services, please email us at:
Emails are answered on a regular basis.
We can also safely store your credit card and personal information and after we have you on file, you may email orders for ease of ordering.

In keeping with our Privacy Policies, all orders are shredded after they are processed. Should you require a written order or faxed copy of the actual order form, you must state this at time of ordering. If you didn’t receive an emailed receipt please call us or email us and request this and we will email you shortly.  Mahalo!mailto:rainforesthawaii@gmail.comshapeimage_4_link_0

Ordering early will ensure that your flowers are delivered same day.

If you order flowers later in the day and insist that they be delivered same day, your arrangement minimum will be higher as well as your delivery fee.

Best way to place an order would be by email.

Send your contact information (other than return email)

In your heading-specify “DELIVERY ” or “INQUIRY”

In your email order please include the following;







If you have a credit card on file, this will be a firm order and expect this to be sent as specified. If you’d like us to keep your information on our confidential credit card filing system, you must request this information otherwise your credit card number will be destroyed after order i processed. We highly recommend that you have your information on file as it speeds up orders and ordering process.

If your order is complete, someone may be able to contact you for this information and or you can call us back later.