Rainforest flower care 101

We use a lot of clear glass so you know exactly when your flowers need water. Water levels should never get this low.

Note the very low level of this vase. The water here is also cloudy in appearance.  We suggest two remedies to prolong vase life. Flush fresh warm water from the tap to circulate the stagnant water especially at the bottom of the vase.  You can also empty out this water by tilting the vase side ways.  Flush fresh water through the vase to get as much oxygen to the lower stem ends.  Never add bleach, pennies or vodka to the water.  The best thing for fresh flowers is water high in oxygen and clarity.  Sediments from bacteria and slime can clog cut stems ends.  Keeping the water fresh can prolong the life of your flowers tenfold! If flowers have wilted, first tie a twist tie around the entire bunch as arranged in the vase, pull up the entire stems out of the vase and give it a fresh cut. Always recut at a slant cutting into the stems. Then reinsert them back into a fresh warm water vase. This will give the arrangement an extra boost. Use warmer water.

Never mist or wash the foliage or flowers in an arrangement. Avoid drafts and areas where excessive heat and sunlight can cause stress.

Arrangements in reed/stem lined glass

On refilling water in these smaller pieces, please take arrangement to a sink and allow fresh warm water to pass through the floral foam for one or two minutes. Tilt arrangement so all the excess water drains out of the container and repeat. Using warm water stimulates the flowers and will give you evidence that the vase has fresh water in it.  Add water from all sides of the arrangement to evenly distribute this fresh oxygenated water. This flushing will also kill bacteria and molds from establishing. Repeat until warm water is poured out when tilting arrangement.   When finished, leave the arrangement on some blotter paper towels or newspaper before replacing it back to it’s  original spot.

When you receive your flowers. The water should be warm for best activation of floral nutrients and hormones. You will never receive a fresh floral arrangement in ice cold water as this is really not good for flowers. Flowers remaining in a room temperature while having it’s stem ends in frigid water will cause the flowers to wilt or prematurely appear dead.   We do not encourage you to mimic this situation at any time. Cold water is a situation while the flowers are dormant or sleeping. You should never have flowers sleeping while you are enjoying them as a fresh arrangement.

Potted Orchids from Rainforest

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When filling water in a Rainforest arrangement, use medium to very WARM* water when refilling a vase. Never add chilled water as this will shock your flowers in a negative way and could prevent flowers from opening or cause damage to the stem ends.  NEVER ADD ICE CUBES. Cold water also lacks oxygen and can damage stem ends from absorbing water creating a wilting effect. Please note, warm water will not work on other florists’ arrangements.

*Please note that the use of warm water therapy should only be used for Rainforest floral products and administering these therapies to other florist’s items could kill or damage the flowers.

It is not necessary to add floral preservative to the water.  We force nutrients and hormones at time of flower treatment and additional food is not needed.  But warm water activates these hidden reserves to fuel the food supply to them.  We encourage you to always add warm-hot tap water to replenish the water in the vases.


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Hand Tied Arrangements

The water for our smaller hand-tied pieces utilizes the same procedures of water refreshening and replacement.  Always use warm water as this bring nutrients and oxygen to existing water. Fresh water will also kill bacteria manifesting in stale water conditions.  Flush water through container several times directly from the tap. This can be done daily.

Adding water through the bundled stems ends will greatly help fight off bacteria and refreshen water throughout.  Let it flow through. Oxygenated water kills bacteria on contact.

Fill water to a generous level and return hand-tied bunch back to its original spot.

If some of the flowers in your arrangement are wilting, one of the best remedies is to change the water completely and refill with near hot (never scalding hot) water. Rinse out the vase with this “hot” water and repeat. Refill with this “hot” water and allow flowers to freshen up. This may be repeated several times until the flowers have have awaken. Once the flowers have revived, avoid placing them near breezy or sunny areas.

Rainforest will take Rainforest glass vases for return.  We often re-use these vases for charitable donations with our charities such as  Hospice Hawai’i, etc. We’ve also used these vases for donating a flower arrangement in recognizing  an outstanding teacher awardee, or in thanks to a special giving individual who has served our community.We thank you for not adding to our over-flowing land fills.