Make a lasting impression and a memorable one - it should make you feel good, not sad or sorrow


What is the purpose of our need to have flowers at the time of our loved one’s services? A service should highlight the best times of that person’s life, to remember them by, a color, a flower, or a look.

While many have huge floral stands of wreaths, we frown on their use as a limited display purpose for melancholy leaving a lot of materials for landfill afterwards. Instead we try to capture that person in their best photo, display it properly with flowers that best describes them or defines them. And add an air of elegance or something unique.

We like to make arrangements that don’t resemble funeral arrangements. Some want a peaceful impression, others with more flair and personality. We strive to create a piece that fits the person rather than trying to select a set image that matches one. Each piece is created specially for that person. May the person be an orchid grower, then we add a variety of orchids to the piece. Things like this make our pieces stand out among the usual carnation, mum and baby’s breath arrangements usually seen at most funerals.

When ordering these types of Rainforest pieces, we ask if you can find out if the deceased was Buddhist, Catholic or any specific denomination to help us in designing a piece that satisfies specific requirements for respect of that person.

We can use a variety of flowers, and can incorporate a variety  of other items into this design. We can also incorporate leis and other smaller flowers into this frame in conjunction with an urn or other to mesh the two together as a unit.

While this Funeral Frame might resemble a wreath, the components and reusability of the materials is far better for the environment than the many polystyrene products that go into a wreath.  The individual flowers may be removed and placed in vases of water to be enjoyed for a longer period after the services.

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Upper images and just at right: Rainforest Funeral Frame composed of various flowers  to honor the passing of that person. The flower selection is usually composed on a color, flower or look desired to remember this person by. Similarly to a wreath, this floral setting highlights a framed photograph of the person for which we are honoring. UNlike the wreath which takes away from the deceased with bill-board names splattered across the florals.

Other floral arrangements are composed of exotic lime green and white-cream flowers, or all-white spring flowers set off to bring notice to the flowers, thus creating a curiosity of knowing who sent it. These arrangements make the flowers and beauty for the service which creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

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