Ordering Information

Arrangements from $ 100 & up   
Email your inquiries for fastest response
Delivery from $25 and up 
rainforesthawaii@gmail.com for more information and details regarding your specific requirements and needs

Long card messages, anything over two lines is considered excessive. If we need to go to a larger sizes stationary, you will be charged for the larger size and time it requires to write or paste and print it to accompany your order. Expect $10 or more for this upgrade.

Items to accompany your order. 
If you require a bottle of wine, a small gift, or even additional items to be delivered with your base minimum order, we will tack on an extra charge from $10 per item and if bulky or large where two trips are needed to get it to its destination, charges from $25 per item, or more. The additional items are sent at sender’s risk, Rainforest does not assume any responsibility or claims for items damaged or not as originally intended. If the item accompanying your minimum order exceeds the dimensions of what you are purchasing from Rainforest, we reserve the right to charge an entire delivery fee for the item in addition to the ordered item delivery charge. If your items arrive at the store at a time after our initial morning delivery time, you will be charged for the appropriate delivery rate that it actually gets delivered in. If you’re requesting us to buy candy, caviar, wine, champagne, we will tack on a fee for picking up the item as well as the cost and delivery as indicated above. Same day shopping and delivery will be a higher fee. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD

Requesting an early delivery time or later time.
On orders that requires a special trip to satisfy a specific delivery request, you will be charged a fee based on our early or VIP rates or that of a courier service for that time slot. Usually late deliveries during traffic hours will run from $50-75 per run. This is in addition to the cost of the arrangement. Please note that late custom deliveries for arrangements must be in the $150 price range or more. Our morning runs usually begin at 8:30-9:00 am for most deliveries. If your order is in prior to this time start time you can still qualify for our morning basic delivery rate of $25 (or more-for longer-farther destinations). Please note while your order may be in the morning, it must be placed in line with PREVIOUS ordered items already in line for delivery. 

For arrangement orders requesting a specific image look we will charge an additional charge of $25 in addition to the cost of the arrangement to replicate the order. This will help defray rebunching charges, pretreatment labor and holding fees for flowers not used in the order. 

1.) Recipients Full name
2.) Recipient’s FULL address, suite number, building #-name,  and  include PHONE NUMBER (we prefer a land line, but will ALSO accept cell phones) we don’t need the zip code, but we NEED the PHONE NUMBER  [99.99% of callers never have this handy]
3.) If this is a business address, we will need the business name too
4.) Card message (please note that florist cards are the smallest cards on the planet) [50% of callers never know what they want to say]
5.) Charge card number (It’s amazing how many people order flowers while driving) now imagine fumbling for your credit card while changing lanes. Have this ready first.   [If you are driving and calling, you are not alone, people amaze me-trying to talk, and look up addresses, phone numbers while driving AND talking on their cell phones - ask a Rainforest order taker that you want your info on file for speedy ordering so an EZ email can be sent]
 Card Number, Expiration date, Security Code
6.) We will ask for your phone number and email address. Be sure you have the recipient’s PHONE NUMBER
7.) Request to be placed in our web-based encryption customer file-once on file you may email your orders or call on your time.
8.) If you want us to keep a record of what we have sent, you MUST be on our customer credit card file for us to maintain a file for your orders, all orders coming in will be shredded after it is processed!

You’d be amazed that callers rarely have even two items above when calling their orders in.   You wonder why our phone lines are always busy? With the above items handy, the phone ordering process takes just two easy minutes, even less! 

If you require a written receipt for your office or document records, please notify us upon ordering so we can fax it to you. Otherwise all information and order details will be shredded once the order is executed. 

We are available by phone or visiting between 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Mondays through Saturdays. 
Sunday hours are limited and best if you contact us early mornings before 10 am. We are usually closed on Sundays. But should you require and order for Sunday, please order these in advance and expect to pay a higher delivery fee and minimum. 
Holiday hours are usually posted on our Facebook Page or on the main page.

Orders for delivery and pick up can be placed in advance over the phone or by email (on email orders, be sure you get a confirmation).  We accept orders from 7:00 am Hawaiian Pacific Time (sometimes earlier) through about noon for same day delivery.  We accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diners, Discover and JCB. While we try to maintain an inventory to accommodate for requests, we prefer that you pre-order your flowers at least a day in advance if you are requesting specific items, even in season.  Otherwise we can accommodate same day orders for flowers that we are using.  We try to keep probably the largest inventory of flowers in the state. Our selections only deplete when we get large unexpected orders or orders for a specific item without warning.  We have been known to sell out of white roses or exotic orchids we normally carry at all times. This is where advanced ordering comes in where everybody wins at the end.
The photos shown on this site are just examples and should not be ordered as an exact replica for delivery.  While we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, sometimes requesting too many high end flowers may push your price range into a higher level. We feel our flowers to be supreme and we always try to carry something unique and different even if not shown by example.  
Please read specifics for delivery if you are requesting flowers out of our range or for specific times.  DELIVERY INFORMATION  During flower holidays, a slightly higher minimum may be required or if specific flowers are requested.  Not all flower types will be included in this minimum. You may also have your flower arrangements picked up at the store for prices less than our delivery minimum, but we do advise that you pre-order these in advance.
  We also offer a confidential fax form that can be faxed to us for known orders. Please do not email orders as we don’t sit in front of a computer all day.  We will try to answer all of your questions as soon as we’re able to.
To get the most of of ordering and fastest service. We recommend enlisting in our customer credit card of file account. We use USAePay as our credit card provider that stores the numbers in a web based system and no traces back to our computers or written customer files. This will allow you to email your orders and get a faster response and turn around for delivery, charging and confirmation with images, etc. Call someone today for setting you up on this system.

Refund Policy:
We do offer a refund for the flower/flower arrangement if they are returned to us within a 24 hour period. The flower/flower arrangement cannot be altered or cut in a way that has been different than the way it was received. Charges for delivery, special handling and other costs incurred by us to process this order cannot be refunded. 

Like all other businesses; Amazon, Macy’s, Safeway, etc. The product must be returned in it’s original form for a credit to be processed. Credit can only be done back on the form of payment that was used to pay for the item. We cannot refund in cash and if a check was paid, a check refund will be issued by the next business day. Check will need to be picked up in person or sent by Certified Mail by either providing a self-addressed Certified mail envelope to us. 

No refunds are allowed on items NOT RETURNED within the 24 hour grace period. Customer cannot keep the item AND receive a credit-refund. No exceptions. 
This is a standard arbitrary agreement of sale for most businesses and we follow this code of business ethics.

We do sell loose flowers but these are sold on a first come first served basis.  WE NEVER hold loose cut flowers pre-purchased or otherwise. 
We are in the business of selling arrangements. We do however sell loose cut flowers. These are available ONLY as a first come first served basis. You may order cases of flowers (which we will reserve for you) or set up a standing order where  you take the items weekly. These are our ONLY “holding” we will do.
We feel this is the only fair policy. When you visit Rainforest. ALL the flowers you see in the refrigerator are ALL available. You will not see a “Hold” or “RESERVED” sign on anything. Except for an arrangement or plant. 
Also note that cut flowers are wrapped in paper or other natural Earth-friendly wrappings. We do NOT dress up cut flowers with cellophane, foil, plastic ornaments and other frills. The cut flower is intended to be used by the buyer for their own arrangements, enjoy just the flowers by themselves and not intended as a decorated item. If you need a showy piece, we suggest that youbuy an arrangement.


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