Prom Definitions and Clarifications

A prom bouquet is a personal selection of pairing flowers to attire


The most important aspect of any prom is the photos that are taken the night of the event. Hair, make-up, accessories, dress appearance, and flowers must be in prime condition for that freeze frame capture that will be forever as a timeless record of that evening.

In many proms, girls won’t eat, won’t drink or risk any damage to their appearance, dress, or make up until AFTER the photos are taken. The prom actually begins right after the photo shoot.

Wrist Corsage vs. Prom Bouquets

While a bouquet can encompass the mood or feel of the girl’s dress, and accessories, a wrist corsage has limitations. Size is an important factor. Most petite girls cannot sport a huge wrist corsage. Flower choices must be sturdy and lasting the entire evening. Remember this is a corsage, mostly orchids, some roses, and other flowers can create a desired look. For the most part a wrist corsage is made small and therefore being difficult to see in a photograph.  One must remember that the prom is all about the photos. The prom bouquet stands out as the most focal point of any photo shot. A wrist corsage cannot compare with the impact that a prom bouquet has. We can create something unique and individualized in a bouquet, we can just touch the mood with a wrist corsage.

We recommend a prom bouquet for Senior proms at least.

Please call for pricing for bouquets, boutonnieres, wrist and standard corsages. Please have the information above left before calling and inquiring so a detailed price can be quoted.  And if you’re planning to stop by PLEASE call ahead so we can accommodate you. We do not have photos at the store.  or email us


Prom Flowers

Information for the florist:

Height of girl/dress size
Color of dress, style
Desired theme color (if any)
 What the guy is wearing if a match is requested

Popular accessories

Guy and girl may sometimes have a shared color or flower.
The trend lately has been for guys to wear showy boutonnieres to best pair with the girl’s flowers matching color and formality. We suggest ordering these together. You may show us the dress without him seeing it and vice-verse. 


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Formal attire

Guys wear a tuxedo and girls wear evening dresses.  Guys wear a fancy boutonniere and girls hold a prom bouquet. Maile has been often worn.

Semi Formal

In a semi formal event, guys have the option of wearing a suit and tie and may have a masculine lei or boutonniere, girls may have a prom bouquet or wrist corsage.


Guys usually wear a long sleeved shirt, tie optional and no flowers for him required.  Girls may wear a wrist corsage or hairpiece or also a lei.  Tussie mussies (very small nosegay)are also popular

Prom Bouquet Examples

The Prom is about the photos

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