A Tropical Arrangement from Rainforest is like no other. We use materials you may only find in a nature magazine, a plant collector’s guide or even from some exotic flower show in an international setting.  Many items are exclusively only available from Rainforest.

In all, we strive for that unusual exotic feel and our goal is to turn heads. With that being said, we also use modern techniques and make statements in glass and ceramic, even baskets and trays. Our intriguing use of foliage and materials makes our pieces stand out among the crowd. Using the freshest materials makes our arrangements last very well. We just ask that you fill the vase with fresh water daily and every few days, run fresh tap water through the vase to force oxygenated water to its base.

Our most popular arrangements. Rainforest Tropical Arrangements are unlike no other.  Our tropicals come in daily with some varieties limited to just a single cut assortment for the week. We advise that you send these early or at least order them in advance.  Duplicating any of the following pieces will incur additional charges.

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Rainforest Tropical Arrangements