Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana SquareRainforest at Kilohana Square

What's in the Arrangement



Paeonia hybrids 

Peonies are very temperate to cold climate perennials which grow in regions where a winter temperature needs to be in the frost zone for a minimum of at least three months. Peonies cannot be grown in Hawai'i. 



Paeonia hybrids

Peonies best season is May through July and begin again in November through February-March. Note that not all peonies are created equal. We strive to only buy the upper two to three grades. There are many grades from AAA premium grade for florists down to C grade-bulk for supermarkets. If you cannot tell the difference, then buy the supermarket grade. They are cheaper and bloom quickly but may not be as double as the higher grades. 

Garden Roses


Rosa hybrid

Garden roses are unlike standard roses in such a way that many are not tightly budded or pointed. Garden rose breeding has been mainly European origin and uses different rose species to achieve the desired appearance we are familiar today. Many have rich scnets and fragrances. While opened in appearance, many have good cut life from 7-15 days. Water quality is the key issue in longevity as these roses do not like stale souring water as compared to their American counterparts.

Ecuadorian Roses


Rosa hybrid

Roses are a standard staple flower in most arrangements.  There are different grades of roses. Not all Ecuadorian roses are created equal. We carry the AA premium grade. These roses have thicker stems and bigger heads. Shelf life is much longer than supermarket grade roses and grown differently. Our roses are grown in perfect rose growibg climate. Warm hot sunny days and near freezing nights. These conditions make roses often with darker outer petal edges and deep vibrant colors. 



Dahlia hybrids

Dahlias are long day bloomers, usually starting from June and they are available as late a August if the weather doesn't freeze early. Mostly grown on the mainland and some locally, they come in every color except blue. They are beautiful showy members of the chrysanthemum family. They add appeal to any arrangements from a near maroon black to bright purples, yellows, oranges and pinks. Enjoy them while you can as they are here and gone 



Hydrangeas hybrids

We owe a great wealth of thanks to Martha Stewart for making this flower popular.  The hybrids today come in almost every color except orange and yellow. The varieties are endless and as they age on the plant, they take on interesting green leaf-like shades. Every hydrangea become foliage like as they are allowed to be kept on the bush. They  last very well when given ample water so they may drink along the length of their stems. 

Love in the mist


Nigella hybrids

Nigella is a popular wildflower filler. It's available only in the summer and the season is short. they bloom fall apart and develop interesting seed pods that swell like a green pod. They also dry well when cut and hung upside down in their prime. They come in mainly blue and white and sometimes pink. Their lacy foliage and paper thin petals grace any arrangement bringing to mind a field of wild flowers growing among the grasses and thistles.

Dusty Miller


Senecio cineraria  hybrid

This old time favorite is making a come back in gardens and arrangements.  They are also added to wedding bouquets, haku head leis and almost any flower craft as a great white filler. They last well when given deep water and thrive for a while when cared for properly. 

Blue Thistle


Eryngium hybrid

Eryngium has been a prolific grower and is excellent health for the Earth. Their roots break up clay and return valuable nutrients back to the soil.  They are quick flowering biennials and make long lasting cutflowers We try to use it regularly when available.The hybrid varieties are pollen-less and come in interesting blue, silver and green shades. 

Hypericum/Coffee Berries


Hypericum hybrids

Hypericum or Coffee Berries come in a wide variety of colors. These are not true cffee verries but are relatives of them. Some ay the berries smell like coffee when ripe. We often use this as an accent when a splash of color is needed some where. 



Proteacea (Protea spp./hybrids)

Proteas do not flower all year around. We get them late summer to winter and again late summer through fall. Locally the king protea (Protea cynaroides) flowers almost all year around in our cooler high elevation and may extend their season longer depending on cooler weather conditions.

Pincushion Proteas


Leucospermum hybrids

Pincushion proteas are a beautiful long lasting flower. We get this almost all year long but best during the spring and late summer periods.  They are long lasting and as long as the water is fresh and clean they hold up well. Pincushions mainly come in orange, reds and yellows and combinations.  



Anthurium andreanum hybrids

The anthurium has come a long way from its original red and pinks to modern browns, muted greens, and unusual colors and patterns. Once considered a poor man's flower, they are now seen world wide and identified with brand names and designers alike. If you haven't enjoyed the beauty of this flower, you should give it a try. The shape is elegant and the colors bright and unique with no other flower in the plant kingdom even close to what the anthurium can produce. 



Bromeliaceae (Aechmea, Ananas, Guzmania, Hohenbergia, Portea, Quesnelia, Tillandsia, Vriesea, etc.)

These long lasting cut flwoers of the bromeliad family comprise a wide range of species and hybrids that are long lasting provide a spark of exotic and always an eye catcher in any piece. Seasonally available the year around with emphasis on spring-summer months. 



Mokara (Vanda x Ascocentrum x Arachnis) This tri-generic hybrid is a coss between sturdier and frequent flowering arachnis and showy and brilliantly colored ascocentrum and vandas. 

Oter Vandaceus cut flower types include Renantanda (Renanthera x Vanda), Aranda (Arachnis x Vanda), Kagawara (Ascocentrum x Renanthera x Vanda)

These hybrids tend to be brilliantly colored and long lasting orchids. They are virtually available the year around but limited during the short days of the year. 

Intergeneric Vandaceous Orchids


Aranda/Mokara hybrids

The introduction of Thai orchids has created a wonderful color and texture to our designs. Once upon a time, these were expensive collectors hybrids, today grace our arrangements in a multitude of colors and shapes. Through advances in mericloning, these plants has become readily available and affordable to make cut flower prodction a viable and multi-million dollar crop all tear long. 

Shampoo /Beehive Gingers


Zingiber spectabilis

These shampoo gingers have an exotic bee hive appearance and will draw your attention to them when seen in an arrangement. Long lasting and come in many color forms. As they get older, the colors of the flower may darken or turn bi-colored.  Available seasonally Spring through Summer.

Green Balls/Green Trick


Dianthus barbatus "Green Trick"

A phylloid-floral feature of this carnation relative produces flower heads resembling balls of green moss. Long lasting flowers add interest ang uniqueness to any flower arrangement.

Matsumoto Aster


Callistephus Chinensis

Spray Rose


Rosa spp. and hybrid from the Rosaceae Family

King Protea


Protea cynaroides



Hydrangea macrophylla




Jungle King and Kimi Ginger


Alpinia purpurata