Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana SquareRainforest at Kilohana SquareRainforest at Kilohana Square



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Flower Designs with the Environment in Mind


Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease)

Due to the flare up of Covid-19, we will be temporarily closed for employee and customer safety. Please bare with us during this tragic pandemic outbreak and maintain your safety until this comes to a safe resolution. Mahalo for your patronage and support. 

Upcoming Events

Flower Holidays and Special Hours are posted here 


Prom Flowers

For our prom floral requests. Please see out Prom page for previous year's images.  Instead of having a limited selection of wrist corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets to choose from, we actually want to know what the girl is wearing down to her accessories so we can customize a piece suited only to her and no one else

For Weddings and Funerals

Please call or email to get an appointment scheduled. We need time to prepare photo's and other materials for your appointment. We do not do walk-in's for weddings and funerals do to the current order's and emails we have from the prior already made requests and we will not have photos on hand to show you if you randomly walk in expecting us to have everything on demand. 

Ship-out information

When placing orders for ship out, please be aware that FedEx no longer delivers to gated communities or houses anymore. With the new update FedEx has implemented, gated communities and houses will now have to pick up packages from there closest FedEx pick up station. I know this can be a problem, so keep that in mind if your planning to have us ship lei's or cut flowers to someone. You may want to send to an alternate work or relative to get the lei's or cut flowers where they need to be on time.

Pick-ups & Deliveries

Pick ups



We try and maintain a variety of small pieces on hand for walk ins without notice. But should you require something very early or near closing it is highly suggested that you pre-order something to be sure we have them waiting for you. A minimum of $50 is required for this otherwise, first come first served for pre-made arrangements on hand.  We try to maintain a good supply of smaller and few larger pieces for un-ordered walk in arrangements. 

We suggest you pick up flowers at this point as we are only using a courier service and their rates are higher than ours.




Minimum order for arrangements begin at $100 add delivery fee of $35-50 or more.  

Deliveries will go out in the order that they have come in. Late orders (after 10 am) may still be accepted but at a higher delivery fee for single run deliveries. Usually about $50 up. Deliveries to farther locations will be higher $75 or more. Examples are Kaneohe, Kailua, Waipahu, Ewa Beach. Kapolei, etc.  Please inquire for specifics. 

Rainforest by Design


Mainland Vase Mixed

Mainland Vase Mixed


Our tropical arrangements incorporate many unique and novel flower and foliage varieties. many exclusive to Rainforest and can only be seen in a Rainforest arrangement. Tropical flowers tend to last longer and provide the best of what Hawaii has to offer. Our tropical arrangements incorporate unique vases with foliage lining, interesting and refreshing design styles and a look that is distinctly Rainforest. Request upright or centerpiece.

Mainland Vase Mixed

Mainland Vase Mixed

Mainland Vase Mixed


Our mainland arrangements are made with seasonal and unique flowers. We avoid carnations, pompoms, baby's breath, and are made with the most interesting varieties available. We like unique fillers, hydrangeas, garden and Ecuadorian roses, and for higher prices, incorporate peonies, flowering branches, etc. Selection varies seasonally and during the week. We usually like to arrange them in a vase but we can also make these centerpiece style incorporating a lower profile look. Specify pastel, bright, dark mixed monochrome or other specifics  


Mainland Vase Mixed



The term Modern is a vague term as it combines both mainland and local tropical flowers. Often combined in unique formats and containers, clear glass cubes or cylinders lined with interesting foliage and materials. We can combine some plant materials, succulents and air plants are favorites as are pods, branches and sticks, etc. To make these pieces require a little more time and planning and unless we have some already on hand, it is best pre-ordered at least a day in advance. 


Potted Live Orchids



Our Specialty arrangements vary seasonally and by occasion. 

Anniversary arrangements should be considered but try to be different, red roses can be received during Valentine's day, make the Anniversary a bit more special and unique. Her favorite color, the colors from the wedding. Do you remember what it was? It was very important to her. Perhaps an arrangement based on her birth sign. Inquire and make a decision.

Specialty also covers flowers for a 25th/Silver Anniversary, or 50th/Golden Anniversary.  The celebration of a special birthday (i.e Yakudoshi) are examples of Specialty arrangements. Inquire by email for suggestions or ideas. Please provide adequate time for inquiries as we may not be able to respond for a same day order request.  Asian themed arrangements also fall under this heading style.

Potted Live Orchids

Potted Live Orchids

Potted Live Orchids


Our potted orchids are one of our most popular items for almost any occasion. They are long lasting, easily cared for arrangements. They come with instructions for care and are potted in such a way that it can withstand neglect and over attentiveness. Our stock and selection varies, our best selection is earlier in the week and we might even be able to make specific requests providing we have enough stock on hand. For deliveries, we suggest a 2-3 plant per pot minimum. We strive to send out plants with the most budded materials possible so the delivered piece may appear few flowered, what ensues and unfolds is a long lasting memorable display that will provide much thanks from the recipients over time. Normal life is about 3 months with adequate care


Potted Live Orchids

Potted Live Orchids


Event flowers are flowers that serve a specific purpose. May it be just for the day or to fulfill an atmosphere for a special mood. Wedding flowers, a display for a booth, pairing colors to match a brand, a grand opening, or even a bereavement for some loved one. Flowers vary and may be whimsical, garden or even ikebana form. Inquire what your specific needs are and we will try to come up with something. If you're inquiring, please email us with as much detail as possible and we should be able to respond with an affirmitive response during business hours. email directly to:


Delivery Charges


Delivery is an additional service charge

The cost of delivery varies with time, day and distance. The base delivery charge for a single run delivery is $35-50.   During any flower Holiday period. Delivery may cost as high as $50-75 depending on time and labor involved.  For the most part this delivery is intended to get from store to individual. This basic fee is intended to be within the 8:30 am to 1:30 pm range. The charge does not include "on demand" service. Cannot accept same day turn around orders at this time.

Delivery Distances

Delivery charges will vary depending on distance and area.

Deliveries vary based on time, distance and difficulty. For the most part if an order is placed early and is within the greater Honolulu district we will include it in our general delivery fee of $35- up(first run - morning). For late orders or when we have to deliver a single item in one run, the delivery fee will generally be greater. Residential deliveries are generally higher unless the recipient has a receiving desk or an area where it can be received even when the recipient is not home. Gated residences are generally higher from $50-75  and up.   Best way to avoid higher fees ORDER EARLY IN ADVANCE. 

VIP Delivery Limited deliveries New Year's Eve

VIP delivery is a delivery that usually is intended for same day delivery that the order was placed. We normally charge a higher delivery fee for VIP delivery than standard delivery. Delivery rates vary additionally from $35-50 and up depending on the time of day.  Please order items for this day ahead of time. Please note that arrangements placed even for same day must wait list with other arrangements that were placed prior to this. 


If a delivery is requested for a special time. This is where a "Delivery on Demand" is required. This service is only available if the complete order is on hand and all actions required to make and execute  order is available and ready. Additional fees may vary from $50-100 additional. Higher if order comes in after 1:30 pm.

***helpful cost saving hint*** Order in advance, plan ahead. For those calling in from anywhere else than Hawaii, we are in the last time zone, What's up with that?


Sometimes flowers need to be accompanied with a gift, a bottle of wine, champagne. If you need this service. We charge a $25 shopper fee for one of our staff to go shopping for you. Higher for same day shopping.  Or if you need a gift, package or anything to accompany the flowers, there will be an extra charge added to the delivery charge. For the most part it is about $10 additional per item. We do not charge extra if you want to bring in your own card for the arrangement. Also note that if your destination is a hotel, the hotel itself will charge additional for every item that you want delivered.It's about $5 per item + $5 for the arrangement. 

Sunday and Holiday Delivery

Deliveries for Sundays and Holidays is usually $25 additionally over the standard delivery rate. Minimum of $60 per run. Early and late deliveries will be slightly higher. These orders must be scheduled in advance so we can secure and guarantee delivery. Please order in advance for best availability and service. We do not have design staff on Sundays and special requests needs to be ordered and prepared prior to Sunday.

Ordering Flowers for a Delivery

Order Form


For fastest response please email all information in the order form. Email is best for any inquiries. Please be as SPECIFIC as possible when emailing an inquiry. Please email all order form information to:



Hours (unless posted above)


07:00 am – 03:00 pm


07:00 am – 04:00 pm


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07:00 am – 03:00 pm



Our Location

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Mondays and Saturdays from 7am to 3pm, and 7am to 4pm Tuesday through Friday. Closed on Sundays. If you require specific information, emailing us is best. Otherwise please call/email ahead to schedule an appointment for  someone to assist you in your needs. Please note we may not be able to assist you during the busiest flower holidays of the year. (Mother's Day, Valentines, Girls Day, Etc.)


1016 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, United States


About Us


What is Rainforest

The name Rainforest was chosen for its reminiscent of the rain forest where life cycles and recycles. What a marvelous plan to create such a business that can mimic that same principle. Thus the name Rainforest was chosen.  We have since embodied our philosophy with ethical growing of plants that do not use excessive chemicals (which also harm our wildlife) or employed by child laborers (you’d be surprised what you may buy from your grocery store comes from regions of highest child labor infractions) or enslaves indigenous peoples or reducing their agricultural lands to fill quotas required by mega wholesalers, distributors, brokerage houses. 

We borrow ideas of many indigenous lands where people have worked with their ecology, living as partners for life. We also strive for this partnership in the way we do our business. 

One of our main goals is to enrich the heritage culture of our ancestors in today’s hectic lifestyle.  Whether you’re Asian, European, Polynesian, African, etc,  a collective philosophy of giving back to nature, “take the best of life and always pass that along,” ideal is what we try to evoke in everything we do. 

Flowers is such an enriching and endearing aspect of our culture. It should be done with finesse and license to awaken our spirits, our minds and our hearts. If these goals are not achieved, then the art of flower design has nothing to offer. We always look ahead, never going back. The art of flower design goes back many centuries. Simply it is a way to express oneself using flowers as the media. The idea is simple, but what it achieves cannot be replaced with any other media that can have such a profound effect on us.  Like a rain forest, we are also evolving foward.

Our website itself is an evolving process. We incorporate  zodiac signs in our use of flowers and numbers. Flower selections in our arrangements evolve around our strong involvement with horoscope and astrological influences. We are also governed by the sun, moon and its relationship with Earth. We follow numerological and base our philosophies on Feng Shui and other ancient practices. We would like to keep this rhythm in motion in everything we do. Much thought goes into the making of an arrangement at Rainforest.


Rainforest, the Store

  1. Prompt service, helpful staff. We get it. You need to get in, get your stuff and then get back on the road. We provide complimentary flower trays to support safe transport of your arrangements and small plants.  If you’re bringing in your own vases to have filled, please note that arranging flowers is not part of the cut flower price tag.
  2. We strive to maintain a fresh inventory of flower arrangements ready for you. We welcome advanced orders ($50 minimum please) and will have them ready for you to pick up, already boxed in a safely design tray or box composed from recycled boxes, packing media, etc. Otherwise you may stop in and see what is available on a first come first served basis.
  3. When you arrive at Rainforest. We know that you are here because you are looking for something extra special and unique. While we can make an arrangement for a baby boy new arrival, we would  prefer that you pre-order these as they will not be part of our standard inventory for something with blue flowers.
  4. We are thoughtful in making sure what you buy is environmentally correct. Our arrangement trays are made from recycled boxes, our leis are wrapped in ti leaves. Even a single rose is individually or group wrapped in ti leaves! Otherwise flowers are wrapped in recycled white paper.
  5. Enclosure cards and envelopes are complimentary with minimum purchase. We also provide water tubes, cotton water packs, flower food when you purchase flowers that require these. These items are complimentary when they are self served. They are located on your way out. Or you may bring in your own card to add to your order.
  6. We accept all major credit cards and cash. However, we do not accept checks unless approved or on account. 


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