Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana SquareRainforest at Kilohana Square

Funerals by Rainforest

For Funeral's, please call or email to make an appointment. We do not do walk ins for funerals without an appointment because we are busy with orders already booked for delivery, pick up, and ship outs. please make an appointment so we can set aside time to fully go over the details. Thank you for your understanding. 

Block out days are Tuesdays and Flower Holidays

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and see if a certain style matches what your looking for. 

Photo Frames


Photo Frame

The Photo Frame is a Rainforest exclusive. 

We take your framed 8 x 10 photo and frame it in a sea of flowers. Perhaps a favorite color, a favorite flower, or a group of flowers that everyone will agree that is the person they've remembered. The frame is the property of Rainforest and the flowers can be removed and given to people who have come and or used as the first flower in the niche vases or other. Frame is returned to Rainforest or Rainforest may pick up frame from mortuary for a nominal fee.


Photo Tray

On a smaller scale we can do an 8 x 10 framed photo set into an arrangement or spray. Flowers will vary based on the season and availability. A smaller arrangement can also be made for an ur box set into an arrangement.

Pedestal or Floor Standing Arrangement

Tropical Arrangements


Hawaiian flowers made either tall or wide lower. 

Spring Arrangements


Seasonal varieties which may include flowering branches (in season) with fully opened flowers for biggest and showiest displays.

Altar/Pedestal Arrangement


Sometimes we are able to incorporate theme colors (i.e red, white, & blue) or any theme required if ordered in advance. These can be medium to grand sizes - please inquire by email

Table/Altar Arrangement


Sometimes side pieces are needed to highlight a main arrangement. Or other arrangements are needed by family members These can be medium, tall or extra large

Placard Sentiment above


We use a bigger placard to highlight a sentiment. These can highlight better wording or sentiments

Placard Sentiment lower

Sometimes a sentiment is required below the arrangement

Sometimes a detailed sentiment is required below the arrangement so viewers may read it closer

For pedestal or floor standing arrangements, these tend to be larger in size for overall hight and width because there meant to be scene from one side (the front). These arrangements can be placed next to the casket or in front of a podium. These arrangements typically have a placard with your message on it or could have a banner custom made for the arrangement. 

Casket Spray Arrangements

Single flower type


Sometimes a favorite flower is sought after or the family wishes to have a look that will identify a person by flwer or color choice. Prices subject  to season and availability. 

Two variety type


Sometimes two flowers are used a spray, in this image peonies and orchids are used. Peonies and orchids being the two priciest flowers can be used to make a memorable and unique look that will capture everyone's eyes and imagination. 

All White spray


For Catholic, some Buddhist and reverence looks, an all white arrangement is often required. We have used various white flowers to create a visually pleasing arrangement of various shades of white. If all white is too extreme, we can also soften this by adding pale yellows, lime and darker greens to teh mix. The possibilities are endless.

Tropical Casket


We can also incorporate local flowers in a variety of styles and looks using various in season materials. The look and creation can be a lasting impression and image that will forever be remembered by the deceased. 

Modern sprays


We get requests for unique cmbinations of various flowers sometimes unique spring meadow like flowers or an English Garden with local favorites mixed in. Each piece is by a case by case look and will vary in color and style and we customize per request 



We have requests for all kinds of flowers and looks, please inquire if you have a look you're after and we can try to create a look for you