Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana Square

Rainforest at Kilohana SquareRainforest at Kilohana Square

Tillandsia Varieties


Green leafed

These varieties have minimal trichomes (the hairy pubescent appendages that come off the leaf) and therefore more resilient to less light and neglect. Often they have glossy surfaces and may be used to some wetness in between their leaves


Silver-White leafed

This group tend to be more intensely covered with trichomes and have a white to silvery appearance. Plants in this group need less frequent waterings and in fact dislike being wet so this would prevent the use of these types in applications that do not offer better air circulation or higher light intensities.


Feathered and Coarse Fuzzy leaf

This group tend to have varieties that require the highest light levels and high air circulation of any other. The plants in this group come from adverse growing conditions such as windy regions, cliffs in full sun and desert coastal regions, often in full sunlight exposed to the elements. To grow these types we recommend not groing them indoor and growing them in the elements. 

Tillandsia andreana


This multi-needle leafed species comes from moist regions but exposed to good air circulation and filtered bright light. The plant grows slow and divides bilaterally makes a single red flower at bloom time. 

Tillandsia baileyi


The true baileyi is a pubescent species but very prolific and makes lots of babies. The plants actually do best given bright light and good air circulation, but will still flourish under lower light levels and even excess wetness.

Tillandsia bulbosa


Tillandsia bulbosa is somewhat of a popular plant. Its glossy green leaves and twisted curly leaves give it a look unlike anything else. Even though this is a green leafed species, it does not like to be kept too wet. Air circulation and bright indirect lighting is best. These plants grow down facing in nature and probably grown in captivity in this manner as well. 

Tillandsia butzii


T. butzii isan easy grower, green leafed species but again not too wet or stagnant conditions. These plants makes nice clusters with age and grow really well in shaded to bright light conditions. 

Tillandsia caput medusa


The head of Medusa plant is a curious easy to grow as long as air circulation is high and moisture levels low. This species can grow large in nature and form many heads. Their leaves twist and curl and contort. They make a branched flower spike usually red and long lasting.

Tillandsia fuchsii gracilis


This fine leafed species grows easily when air moisture levels are high paired with high air circulation. They grow well when given good light, and is a popular species. They make a fine branched flower spike with blue flowers.